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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thriving with Brendan Brazier

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Brendan Brazier...author of the bestseller Thrive and Thrive Fitness; creator of the award-winning, delicious and superfood-rich product line, Vega; and professional athlete extraordinaire. Brendan was a professional Ironman Triathlete and two-time champion of the Canadian 50Km Ultra Marathon. He was named one of the 25 Most Fascinating Vegetarians by VegNews Magazine and is a guest lecturer for eCornell's Plant-Based Certification Program. Brendan is 100% powered by plants and he has nutrition down to a perfect science and art.

First-hand experience is considered anecdotal research. But Brendan used this concept scientifically as he manipulated the biochemistry of his food to his advantage, studying every nuance and perfecting the precise formula to enhance performance and recovery. He succeeded and is teaching the world what he has learned. His books are full of accurate, provocative information; fantastic recipes that everyone will enjoy; and guidance for maximizing energy, endurance, strength and vitality.

It was truly exciting to meet Brendan and to learn more about his experiences and goals. He has an aura of calm tranquility mixed with wisdom and strength which is rather infectious and inspiring. He has a book coming out in 2011 tying together the environmental implications to the way we eat. I cannot wait to read it. Stay tuned to Brendan and see his interview as Going Veg with the Plant-Based Dietitian progresses!


(no)more_cheese_please said...

Did you get any VEGA Goodies?? Lucky girl!!

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