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Monday, March 19, 2012

Shifting to a Plant-Based Diet

My interview with Heather Nauta on the Better Health Summit, a series of interviews with plant-based experts which aired live on March 17th and 18th:


The Mad Swede said...
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The Mad Swede said...


Humans tend to complicate life.

Making the shift to vibrant health is often viewed as punishment. People fixate on what is being removed from their plates when they ought to be celebrating the magnificence of plant-based, whole foods.

Excellent tips b/c change is a process ~ not an event ~ that requires awareness and discipline. In the end...one's body will thank them.

Thanks for sharing!


~Jeff Kildahl CWC, ND, PhD

Heather - Healthy Eating Starts Here said...

When two smile-y people get talking, the results are bound to be fun :) And this was not only fun, but I love the info that you shared - and the inspiration! I've gotten so many amazing comments on this video, so thank you for sharing your awesomeness with everyone!! xo Heather

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