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Friday, March 30, 2012


Tomorrow, Saturday, March 31st, I am speaking at my first TED Talk...it is at TEDxCONEJO and I am absolutely thrilled about it. I am speaking amongst some amazingly passionate people and the day should be memorable and full of inspiration. Here is the program of speakers.

Although the event has been sold out with a huge waiting list since almost two weeks ago, I am thrilled to announce that the event will be livestreamed! Thus, if you click this link, you can watch the entire day from the comfort of you home and all over the world! OR...you can watch right here via this feed below....

I am scheduled to give my talk, Breaking Bread, at 4:35 pm PT, but the timing is imperfect, so check in earlier and stay longer if you want to hear me. I am very excited because this is the first time I am speaking about the global and personal impact of a plant-based diet and how every single bite matters for you and the rest of the world...I am extremely passionate about this topic as it drives every moment of my life. The theme is togetherness so my talk will tie in our diet to our interconnectivity with others. I hope you will stay tuned. I will also be posting the You Tube video of my talk as soon as it is available.

Thank you for your support...

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The Mad Swede said...


"The best way out is always through."
~Robert Frost

Looking forward to your magnetic and incisive
presentation on "Breaking Bread."

It will be a pleasure to watch you infuse your
brilliance and breadth of knowledge to connect
seemingly disparate elements respective to
personal and planetary health.

I am certain the audience will be challenged to
become mindful of the far-reaching consequences
of each bite.

It is hoped that people now impart their new dietary
perspective to a higher level of accountability versus
taking the sacred ritual of eating for granted.

Knock 'em dead, kid!

Your #1 fan.



~Jeff Kildahl CWC | ND | PhD

Rodrigo RocRam said...

I love Robert Frost!!


Rajkot said...

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